Public Liability Insurance

The ABA has an annual Broadform Liability Insurance policy (for non-profit organisations) with CGU available for ABA affiliated member clubs.  This policy provides for public, product and advertising liability to a limit of $20,000,000 and a sub-limit of liability of $100,000 for Property in Physical or Legal Control.

The policy covers the insured for monthly and general meetings, exhibitions and displays, seminars, conventions, auctions/sale, pigeon racing and any other related occupational incidental thereto.

With respect to the, hiring, leasing or renting of venues/premises for the purpose of carrying on activities cover does not apply under the sub-limit of liability but is not excluded by the policy. i.e.: the $20,000,000 limit of indemnity applies should your negligence cause property damage at the venue you hire, lease or rent.

Deductibles apply as specified below in respect of any one occurrence.   The highest single deductible only shall apply in respect of any one occurrence.

Personal Injury:   $ nil          Property damage     $ 1000

Exclusions include:

Contractors/Sub-Contractors Exclusion:  The following exclusion will also apply to the policy: CGU will not be liable for claims in respect of Personal injury or Property Damage arising directly or indirectly out of or caused by, through or in connection with the act or omission of any hired labourer, independent contractor, sub-contractor or their employees who are engaged by you or perform work in connection with your business.Death or Injury to Animals Exclusion:  The following exclusion will also apply to the policy.  CGU will not be liable for claims in respect of death of or injury to animals/birds.

Event Conditions:  You must notify us of any special events, i.e. function, conferences that you plan to arrange, organise, prepare, operate or run.  These special events may be subject to an additional premium if cover is required.   Shows and meetings are part of the normal activities and as such they are not ‘special events’.  A ‘special event’ refers to functions and conferences run in conjunction with shows and or annual dinners which are somewhat different from your normal activities.

Workers Compensation:   This insurance policy does not include Workers Compensation Insurance, nor does it provide cover in respect of liability for personal Injury to any volunteers/voluntary workers who are not insured members of the ABA.   Insured Members are covered under the policy and volunteers are covered providing they are individual or club/company members.  It is suggested that you record membership as the family/partner, so when wives, partners, children a attend events and offer assistance they are covered.

Fund Raising Events:   In relation to any club show, sales and auctions, if you invite any trade or retail business to participate, you must obtain a copy of their Public Liability Certificate of Currency.  Our policy does not cover business entities. If you invite sellers (hobbyists) who are not members or belong to member clubs of the ABA we recommend you request them to provide their own insurance as they could be exposed in the event of a claim.  We recommend you obtain a copy of the Public Liability Certificate of Currency, or they should join the ABA as an individual or with a member club of the ABA, and thereby receive cover as a current financial member.

Other Exclusions:  This policy does not cover nor include, and CGU will not indemnify you for, bodily injury and or property damage claims made against you by third parties, arising out of you arranging or participating in the following noted activities.  Jumping castles and other like inflatables: amusement park type rides; animal rides; motorised rides; sky diving and parachuting; bungee jumping; rock climbing; sporting activities of any kind.

PREMIUM:     2012-2013 – $100.00

Negotiations are underway to have this premium considerably reduced for 2013-2014