New Committee elected for 2011-2012

Our Annual General Meeting was held on August 16th 2011. The new Committee for 2011 – 2012 was elected as follows:

Craig Jeffery

Keith Gallagher

Errol Wilson

Sharon Jeffery

Rodney Young

Ray Downton

Michael Cannon

Membership Forms Updated

Club and Individual Membership Forms have been updated and made available for download on our Membership page.

Bird Clubs (including cage bird, pigeon and poultry clubs) requiring Public Liabiltiy Insurance are encouraged to join to be able to participate in our Public Liability Insurance policy. See the Club/Company Membership Subscription and Renewal Form available from our Membership page for details.

Website Contributions

Members, we would love to showcase any photographs you may have of your beautiful birds.

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Pardon our Renovations!

The Associated Birdkeepers of Australia Inc Website is undergoing a much needed make-over.

While most of the relevant old site material has been or is being restored, there is much more new material to be added. If you notice something you recall from the old site is missing, please let us know.

We’d appreciate your patience during the transition, and welcome your feedback!

Featured Articles

Members, do you have a bird story you’d like to share?

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